Parameters Notes
  Asset name. The data range is fixed from January 2000 to November 2011, aprox. 2.2 million intradaily bars will be computed.
GAP   A position will be opened when the gap exceeds this value.
STOP   The trade will be closed if the market moves against the position and if the difference between the entry price and the market price reaches this value.
Closing Slippage

Stop/time only

  Difference between order price and execution price when closing a trade. If 'stop/time only' is checked, slippage won't be calculated when closing the position by filling gap.
Stop Units


If 'points' option is selected, the same stop in points will be applied to every opened position. If 'percent' option is selected, the stop will vary from one to another day and its value will be as a percentage of the gap for that day.